Sync Rx

Adherence is at the cornerstone of our Sync Rx Program.

Refill all your prescriptions at once.

With Sync Rx, patients will no longer run out of medications. A pharmacist will contact the patient one week prior to the prescription refill date to see if there are any changes that need to be made or check on any problems that may have been experienced. All prescriptions will be conveniently packaged, refilled and waiting on the same date every month for pick up. We also offer home delivery for free.

How do I sign up?

Sync Rx is free for all Independent RX patients. Call or stop in at the most convenient IRX locations. Not a patient? Simply bring in all prescriptions, vitamins and supplements or call us with the information. We’ll take care of the rest with our Easy Switch program.



All prescriptions are refilled on the same date every month

Patients no longer run out of medications

A technician or friendly staff member will call the patient one week before prescriptions are refilled

All prescriptions will be packaged conveniently and delivered for free to the patient’s home

Eliminates multiple trips to the pharmacy

Increases adherence and pharmacy interaction