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We care for our patients’ health in more ways than one.


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Clark’s Rx also offers several programs to make your life easier.

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Serving communities, today and for many years to come.

What began as a corner drug store in 1939 is now a network of independently-owned pharmacies focused on improving patients??? quality of life. Yet despite adding technology and innovative offerings, first and foremost we pride ourselves on continued old fashioned care.

As a family-owned company, we care for patients like one of our family. From our SyncRx scheduled refill program to our HomeRx one-on-one medicine reviews, Clark???s is dedicated to accommodating each patient???s unique needs. Clark???s pharmacies offer a full range of healthcare services: retail, compounding, long-term care and home medical equipment.

With our expert healthcare advice and personalized service, Clark???s is focused solely on the health needs of our patients. Each of our locations specialize in a full range of medical products from vitamins and supplements, to needed first aid supplies and over-the-counter medications.

Everything pharmacy, and then some:

Delivery – We offer free delivery for all Clark’s patients.

Compounding – We understand that the future of medicine is with personalized medicine. Clark’s is able to compound prescriptions so that they are tailored to the exact needs of the individuals. We work with physicians to create the specific formularies that will make a difference in the health of the patient.

Medical Equipment – For all medical equipment needs, from canes to motorized scooters, Clark’s has what it takes to help people live an independent and safe life.

Diabetic Screenings – Diabetic patients can count on Clark’s to have the knowledge to help manage their diabetes.