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Clark’s Rx is in the healthcare business, but has stayed away from the big box mentality of selling everything. From 1939 to today, Clark’s Rx continues to fill prescriptions, give immunizations, offer expert advice, and continues to find services to help people take their medication.

Clark’s Rx provides fast and friendly service, and continues to surprise our customers by our competitive prices. It’s because of this commitment to quality that we continue to attract and retain smart, passionate, and compassionate team members. We look forward to serving our communities for many years to come. > Transfer Today

Founded In 1939

In 1939, James Clark Sr. purchased the Belmont Pharmacy, where he was the store pharmacist since 1934, and renamed it Clark’s Belmont Pharmacy. In 1966, James Clark Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps, became a pharmacist and took over the family business. With a goal to grow the successful Clark’s Belmont Pharmacy, he opened his second store location less than 10 years later.

1975, and Mr. Prescription

In 1975, James Clark Jr founded Mr. Prescription Inc. and laid the foundation for the business as it is today.

“My father really cared for people. Our family honors his legacy by making old-fashioned care a priority in our stores.”

Tim Clark
-Current owner of Clark’s Pharmacies

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The Future of Clark’s Rx

In 1991, Tim Clark took the helm of the family business and changed the name back to Clark’s Rx to recognize it’s long and storied history.

Under Tim’s watch Clark’s Rx has expanded, but has never lost it’s connection to the community it serves or it’s founders vision. Clark’s will continue to provide old-fashioned care well into the future. After 75 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to provide a service that keeps people coming back.

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