Facts at a Glance

  • Founded in 1939 by James Clark Sr.
  • Mr. Prescription Inc. founded by James F. Clark Jr. in 1975
  • Owned today by the Clark Family
  • Dayton’s only locally owned and operated chain of pharmacies
  • Accepts all insurance cards
  • Specializes in healthcare products and services

Company Overview

Founded three generations ago, Clark’s Rx operates retail pharmacies, a compounding pharmacy, a long term care pharmacy, and a full line home medical equipment company. Most locations are in Ohio, and operate under the Clark’s Rx name. We do operate a location in Beavercreek under Tim’s Rx, and a location in Bluffton, Ohio under the name Greg’s Rx. What began as a corner drug store in 1939 has grown into a thriving business focused on improving the quality of life of its customers and dedicated to providing the same personalized service that was the cornerstone of the company’s reputation nearly 75 years ago.

In an age of corporately owned, chain drug stores, Clark’s has continued to succeed through its simple formula of exceeding expectations, offering a full range of healthcare products and services and developing one-on-one relationships with customers who have come to know and trust their Clark’s pharmacist.

Beyond the expert healthcare advice and personalized service, Clark’s is focused solely on the health needs of its customers. Each location specializes in a full range of medical products, from vitamins and supplements, to needed first aid supplies and over-the-counter medications. Each store also offers home medical equipment to serve the home health needs of patients.

Company History

In 1939, James Clark Sr. purchased the Belmont Pharmacy, where he was the store pharmacist since 1934, and renamed it Clark’s Belmont Pharmacy. In 1966, James Clark Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps, became a pharmacist and took over the family business. With a goal to grow the successful Clark’s Belmont Pharmacy, he opened his second store location less than 10 years later. In 1975, he founded Mr. Prescription Inc. and laid the foundation for the business as it is today.

Jim’s son Tim joined the company as a pharmacist in 1991. In October of 1997 Jim Clark Jr. became ill, and Tim became the new leader of Clark’s. Amidst the company expansion, Tim returned the company to its original name Clark’s Rx, to best reflect its community commitment and rich heritage.

Clark’s Rx is in the healthcare business, and has stayed away from the big box mentality of selling everything. Today, Clark’s Rx continues to fill prescriptions, give immunizations, offer expert advice, and continues to find services help people take their medication. Clark’s Rx provides fast and friendly service, and continues to surprise our customers by our competitive prices.

Clark’s Rx is a growing healthcare business that serves communities. Clark’s Rx continues to attract and retain smart, passionate, and compassionate team members. We look forward to serving our communities for many years to come.

Company Services

  • Delivery
  • Compounding- PCCA (association)
  • Respiratory
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medication Packaging
  • Diabetic Screenings

Media Inquiries

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